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Job Description

We are looking for full-time writer. Our content is related to bad credit loans, payday loans, and cash advance loans. We specialize in bad credit loan industry for a long time. We upload our articles on our and thirty-party premium sites. So, the quality that we expect should be premium.

Cash advance loans are expensive. But we always search for and solve people's problems. We found good companies that work with bad credit and offer cheaper loans than traditional payday loans, which average at 400% APR, and offer no more than $500. This will be your task - to find better products, review them, and then write long guide explaining them. Here is an example of one of our articles on instant cash advance loans for bad credit. In it, we found good alternatives to traditional payday loans. People now find cheap loans.

We expect that we will work with people who:
- Have experience in finance, loans, and bad credit loans.
- Have experience in writing for big sites.
- Can provide us with examples.
- We can pay up to $100 per 1000 words.

We also expect to rank high. Check these keywords:
- instant cash advance
- cash advance for bad credit
- cash advance loans

As you will see, our article ranks in the top 10. Do you understand SEO? Do you know how to write so the articles will rank better?

Instructions to Apply