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Job Description

We are AboutHire, a fast-growing startup, creating a video-interviewing platform.

We are looking for a strategic partner for the CEO to help build an exceptional company culture and drive outstanding company execution. Together, you will define and optimize the company’s operating rhythm. You’ll be the CEO’s right hand—from taking on strategic GTM projects to helping create unique leadership programs that make the company a better place to work.

What you’ll do at the company:

  • As Chief of Staff to the CEO, you will be responsible for supporting and leading a range of strategic initiatives, all critical to sustaining, scaling and growing our business. You will serve as a proxy to the CEO on important company decisions by making time, information, and decision processes more effective across the company.
  • In this fast-paced and agile role, you will have the opportunity to collaborate closely with the CEO on a day to day basis depending on what the needs of the business are each month, each week, and even each day.
  • Given the stage of the company, this role is more about taking on important projects or tasks that the CEO would otherwise have to own and less about being a liaison between the CEO and the team. Each quarter, you will own a set of strategic initiatives to drive forward based on business needs and your own development goals.

What we are looking for:

  • Fast and sound decision maker. Analytical enough to break down ambiguous problems, scrappy enough to get the info and orient themselves around any problem, wise enough to know what matters most and make a good decision despite lack of domain expertise.
  • Strong storyteller and communicator. Able to communicate at the right altitude with board members, executives, leaders and ICs. Is off-the-charts at creating presentations that synthesize a lot of research/info into a cohesive and simple story. It’s a pleasure to read short form (e.g. email) and long form docs (e.g. strategy) written by you.
  • Solid project management skills. Is able to create order out of chaos. Is energized by ambiguity and can create structure in a dynamic, fast-paced environment. Stays organized and doesn’t drop balls.
  • Influential leader. Great at collaborating with and influencing leaders across the org. Able to give direct feedback and hold people accountable without being destructive. Can lead large projects with nearly the same urgency and speed as the CEO.
  • Obsessed with culture. Views everything through the lens of culture and community and constantly has ideas for how to elevate our culture. Can come up with a great opening ice breaker or help design a new manager training because they can translate HR and business goals into creative ideas that energize people.
  • A systems thinker. Observes raw data in the form of behavior and actions across the company and identifies how to systematically improve workflows to drive efficiency and quality.
  • Makes work feel like play. Mutiny is a playful and creative place. We are extremely performance-oriented but know how to make things fun along the way. We want a team member that embodies this culture.
  • A kind human who wants to build an extraordinary product, culture and brand.

What you’ll get out of it:

  • You’ll get to work with the CEO and executive team on a regular basis and learn how to think like a CEO.
  • You will get exposure to real business problems every company faces (growth) that you can take with you to start your own company (or to help scale another).
  • You will have fun, plain and simple. There is a reason our first company value is that work should feel like play

To apply, please complete the a-sync video interview.

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