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Job Description

Lunar Rails is an agency based in Dubai specializing in the field of virtual assets, offering professional services to businesses located globally.

We are seeking a Crypto Operations Junior Analyst to join our close knit and high performing team. Primary responsibilities will be working with the OTC Trading Desks for client order executions and servicing requirements. A secondary responsibility of this role will be staying on top of industry trends, providing research and insights to our clients. At Lunar Rails, we strive to stay ahead of the curve and remain up-to-date with the constantly evolving digital asset space. Our team keeps their finger on the pulse by regularly performing in depth research and analysis into market trends and staying abreast of news stories as they break.

This is a fully remote position, with the requirement to cover the Americas time zone, 9am-5pm EST or equivalent.

We are only considering candidates that do our quiz:

Anyone who submits an application without doing the quiz will not be considered.

We consider applications from candidates who are looking for a career change, but who can display the necessary research, english writing/communication and mathematical skills. As long as you are able to pass the quiz, you will get a chance. There is no time limit to take the quiz. Start date for this position is ASAP.

For more information about us, visit:

Key Responsibilities

  • Support the Global Trading Team: Assist the global trading team based in multiple time zones, ensuring availability to cover North American business hours, 9am-5pm EST or equivalent.
  • Assist in Trade Execution and Booking: Help oversee and conduct the execution and booking of client crypto orders under the guidance of senior analysts.
  • Quality Assurance Liaison: Act as an initial point of contact between the company and customers, ensuring quality assurance and striving for best-in-class outcomes for all stakeholders.
  • Support Banking Flows: Assist in managing and maintaining banking flows for fiat settlements, ensuring accuracy and timeliness.
  • Collaborate with Internal Teams: Work with Finance, Operations, Compliance, and Product teams to support the development of new products, internal controls, and optimization processes.
  • Assist in Business Plan Implementation: Help in the design and implementation of business plans and procedures aimed at driving growth and improving customer outcomes.
  • Maintain Daily Operations: Support the maintenance of daily operations, security, financial, and professional services, adjusting as necessary across core functions.
  • Promote Continuous Improvement: Contribute to continuous improvement initiatives through innovation and proactive suggestions.
  • Support Performance Tracking: Assist in designing and implementing key metrics and controls, as well as building performance tracking systems for various product lines.
  • Report Generation: Produce reports on performance, trade activity, and client engagement, providing valuable insights to senior team members.
  • Market Research and Presentations: Conduct market research, write reports, and prepare presentations on various industry-related topics, supporting senior analysts in delivering these insights.


  • Excellent at mathematics and algebra
  • Excellent written and verbal Business English communication
  • Excellent attention to detail, combined with strong communication and collaboration skills
  • Excellent analytical, interpersonal and organizational skills
  • Aptitude in decision-making and problem-solving
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work independently and as a self-starter; adaptable and able to react quickly to changing business needs
  • Individual contributor, unafraid of rolling your sleeves up
  • You are curious by nature and interested in making an impact - Belief that virtual assets are the future of payments and can change the world
  • Keen with learning about Cryptocurrency & Blockchain
  • Real passion & energy for the markets and a career in financial services
  • Able to work autonomously in a distributed team
  • Open to take salary in BTC
  • Able to travel to Dubai for team meetings every quarter

Preferred qualifications:

  • Client Service Experience: Previous experience in a customer service role, demonstrating strong communication and problem-solving skills.
  • Familiarity with Financial Services: Exposure to exchanges, wallets, or other relevant financial services, even if limited, indicating a foundational understanding of the industry.
  • Basic Trading Experience: Some trading experience, preferably beyond personal accounts, with a basic understanding of PnL, risk, and analysis concepts.
  • Educational Background: Pursuing or holding a B.S. or B.A. in accounting, finance, math, economics, business, engineering, or a related technical field.
  • Introductory Blockchain Analytics: Basic experience or coursework in blockchain analytics tools, demonstrating a willingness to learn and grow in this area.
  • Understanding of Cryptographic Principles: A fundamental understanding of the cryptographic principles underpinning blockchain technologies, gained through education or self-study.
  • Relevant Work Experience: Up to 2 years of relevant work experience, showing a foundational knowledge and eagerness to develop further in this field.
  • Interest in Cryptocurrency or FX Trading: A demonstrated interest in cryptocurrency or foreign exchange (FX) trading, possibly through internships, projects, or relevant coursework.
  • Knowledge of Trading Systems: Basic knowledge or familiarity with trading and investment systems, order execution management systems, or foreign exchange dealer systems.
  • Experience with Google Suite: Experience using Google Suite applications, Google Analytics, or Looker Studio, indicating proficiency in handling data and creating reports.
  • Programming Skills: Basic experience with JavaScript or Google App Script, showcasing a foundational programming ability and the potential to develop further technical skills.


  • Fully Remote position - no more commuting to the office and work wherever you want (relative timezone)
  • Budget for skill improvement and conferences
  • 25 vacation days 1st year, 30 vacation days second year, with your local holidays added on top
  • Fun industry to follow
  • Some paid trips to Dubai and conferences
  • Team events

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