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Job Description

Burada is growing our team! We are hiring a Marketing Manager to lead our initiatives to grow our business. This role will require you to step out of your comfort zone, grow, and expand. As a leader of a team of contractors and agencies, you will be required to have the experience and creativity to manage all aspects of our marketing campaigns.

About Burada

At Burada, we build Social SaaS products that people love to use! Our two flagship SaaS products have had over 150,000 customers. These products help our customers build, manage and automate their online communities. And as a result of our relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction and innovative solution design, our products change our customers' lives each and every day!

About Our Team

We are a small 100% remote team by design. Our team of 18 is spread out through the US and Eastern Europe, and we need more great people to join us. We are an easy going team, and we also operate with high intensity. We believe in product led growth, and have mastered the art of building amazing SaaS products!

Our Founder

Daniel Burge is the Founder and CEO of Burada, which specializes in creating social SaaS products that are enjoyed by over 150,000 customers worldwide.

Being an entrepreneur at heart, as well as a technical founder, Daniel began his career in the late 90’s building some of the first web applications deployed in Southwest Missouri. One of his early accomplishments was building the first online classified ads systems in partnership with a major ISP. Later he built one of the first online college course registration systems for a local college in Missouri. From there, he has gone on to help many companies create amazing software systems that help automate their business, including consulting with the United Nations on one of their largest digital initiatives.

In the last five years Daniel has switched his focus completely to online social and community software. One of his SaaS products reached 1000 paid subscribers within just 30 days, and has gone on to serve over 150,000 customers. Daniel’s passion to innovate continues to generate new opportunities as he looks forward to the future and to building more software that changes people's lives.

About The Role

This role reports directly to the CEO/CMO. You will need experience across multiple marketing channels and concepts in order to perform well in this role. You’ll gain more experience in 1 year with this role than most people will gain in 5 years who are stuck in one marketing silo. Here are some examples of what you will be doing:

  • Own and report on the marketing KPI’s, your key metric is New Free Trials.
  • Manage agencies running our Facebook, Google, and other ad accounts and help them drive results. 
  • Manage our affiliate programs with over 3000 affiliates. 
  • Perform partner outreach to develop new influencer and affiliate channels. 
  • Understand our analytics, conversion rates and metrics.
  • Build new marketing campaigns, funnels, offers, info products, lead magnets, etc. 
  • Manage our content writer and authority marketing, aka blog content.
  • Manage our new podcast marketing initiatives.
  • Develop customer testimonials and case studies.
  • Repurpose our content across channels. 
  • Ensure that our website looks great, converts well, and stays on brand.
  • Manage and ensure that our social media content is coordinated and published. 
  • Select, hire and manage contractors, and agencies as needed to fulfill the marketing projects. As we grow, bring these functions in house as necessary. 
  • Conceive and execute any new marketing initiatives required to move your key metric.

About You

  • You must have a breadth of experience across a variety of online marketing. You are a generalist, with deeper experience in a couple marketing disciplines. 
  • Excellent English writing and communication skills.
  • Available from 10AM to 2PM US Central time for coordination and meetings. 
  • At least 3 years of experience in a similar role
  • Experience in a SaaS company OR in the online coaching/consulting/community/course building industry is preferred. 
  • You are a lifelong learner. Anything you don’t know you can learn. You learn for the fun of it. 
  • You are very organized and detailed.
  • You understand numbers and aren’t afraid of them. 
  • You are comfortable and know your way around the common tools, e.g. FB Ads, Google Ads, Analytics, HotJar and similar, email marketing tools, etc. 
  • You are highly motivated and have a high energy level. You understand how to operate with intensity. You are a self starter, and are biased toward action. 


  • Full time, fully remote! 
  • Work from anywhere you want.
  • Competitive salary based on your location and experience. 
  • Asynchronous culture - We are predominantly asynchronous, with weekly planning meetings and other one off meetings as necessary. 
  • Flexible vacation - Take the time off you need to restore yourself. Don’t be excessive. There’s no firm rules here besides making sure the numbers don’t suffer. 
  • Profit sharing plan - It’s in the works for 2023. 
  • Training - Any training you need to excel will be provided. 
  • Mentorship - We’ll find a mentor for your role to help you take it to the next level.
  • Health - In the US we’ll provide you with insurance through our corporate plan. Outside the US you’ll technically be on contract and will have to source this locally. 

Instructions to Apply