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Job Description

Who We are looking for

We are looking for an Engineering Manager to ensure the smooth execution of our client projects and internal project as well as to support our engineering team to grow in their roles. We expect experience with Engineering Management as well as prior experience actively working on web projects as an engineer. We appreciate an approachable communication and management style based on empathy for everyone on the team.


  • You will establish and drive process – in clients projects as well as internal projects.
  • You support our clients identifying their needs and help them articulate those. You support our engineering and consulting teams coming up with the best approaches for addressing our clients’ needs as well as ways to present those to the clients.
  • You support our team set and reach goals, in particular for their 20% time (1 time per week reserved for open source work, writing blog posts, preparing and giving conference talks, etc.)
  • You establish and maintain our career progression path and support team members growing in their roles.
  • You identify and resolve conflict and challenges, in particular in client projects.
  • You do regular 1 on 1 meetings with our engineering/consulting team.
  • You plan capacity and budget per client project as well as for Mainmatter overall working closely with the Managing Director.
  • You share your learnings with the community through blog posts, conference and meetup talks, etc.



  • You have previous experience with Engineering Management in a comparably position.
  • You have experience working on web projects as an engineer.
  • You have previous experience with running pragmatic agile processes (we don’t do SCRUM).


  • While not required, ideally you have experience working in fully remote environments.
  • Previous experienced working with different kinds of companies from startups to scaleups and enterprises is a plus.
  • Experience with consulting work arrangements is a plus.
  • Experience writing blog posts and giving talks is a plus.

How we work

We're a team of open-minded developers who value collaboration, empathetic working relationships and well-crafted code. Beyond a supportive team culture and a relaxed work atmosphere, we enable you to take part in modern projects for international clients ranging from small startups to big enterprises. We work closely with our clients and expect direct communication across the entire project team.

We also offer the opportunity to travel internationally - either to visit clients on-site for a limited time or to attend tech conferences (If you enjoy speaking or you're interested to learning that skill, that's awesome! We'll support you in finding mentoring support either through one of our experienced team members or any other external support that you find useful).

Apart from working on client projects we also maintain a bunch of open source libraries and tools on which you're invited to work on as well. We reserve 1 day of the week for such work or work on writing blog posts, recording videos or preparing conference talks.

What we offer

  • Self-guided work on interesting projects for international clients
  • Competitive salary
  • 30 days of paid vacation
  • a flextime schedule to accommodate the needs of caretakers
  • Time to work on open source projects personal support to deepen your knowledge in topics that you feel are close to you
  • Chance and support to attend and speak at international conferences
  • a flat organization with little process standing in your way
  • Regular company events to meet your team members an international,
  • Communicative and supportive team
  • Flexible work environment
  • We are a full remote company and all team members get to choose whether they work from home or a co-working space close to them
  • Notebook, screen, etc. obviously as well as a coworking budget or budget for setting up a home-office

Instructions to Apply