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Job Description

We manage content for some of the highest profile B2B sites out there.

Honest, accurate transactional blog posts fuel our entire business. They could not be more central to our success. And we’re shaking up how we create them.

That’s where you come in.

We’re looking for a Freelance Content Producer / Researcher to help us create the most unbiased, in-depth product reviews and recommendations on the internet. You’ll be responsible for combining your own research with our AI writing process to produce “best of” lists, company reviews, comparisons, and other types of blog posts.

We believe AI is a powerful tool we can leverage for a lot of different things. But we also understand that there are situations and content types where it’s not suitable. Ultimately, our aim is to create the best content possible—when AI can help us do that, we utilize it. No matter what, there are always at least four human roles involved before anything is published. This includes the role you’re currently reading about, an editor, a production specialist, and an expert reviewer.

This role is 60% research, 30% AI content production, and 10% writing.

Your Responsibilities

  • Conduct market and brand-based research to figure out what really matters about each type of software, what separates brands from each other, and what readers need to know to choose the best software for them. You aren’t expected to do full software testing, but you will be required to dig deep enough to figure out what matters most and verify every claim you make
  • Produce fast first drafts based on what you find—we have a detailed step-by-step process that leverages AI writing tools to help you turn your research into a rough draft as efficiently as possible. However, you may need to tweak inputs, write some of your own prompts, try different things, assemble multiple outputs, and write sections yourself
  • Proofread AI outputs and ensure they’re 100% factual before passing the draft to our editor
  • Use research you’ve done previously to compare brands head to head for different use cases, create top lists centered around specific audiences, and put together other types of content that actually help people make the best decisions for their businesses

How to Tell if You’ll be a Great Fit

  • You’re happy to focus exclusively on B2B software, including CRMs, project management tools, web hosting, and HR software to name a few - we have a massive queue of new reviews, comparisons, and lists we want to produce and existing content we want to refresh
  • You’re comfortable moving very fast and have no problem adapting to change
  • You have high learning velocity and can get the gist of just about anything in a matter of minutes. You should be excited by the challenge of learning new topics, becoming an expert quickly, and distilling everything you’ve learned
  • You don’t mind researching 50+ different brands in the same category before moving onto something else, but you’re open to switching gears when needed for one-off articles on different topics
  • You’re interested in business software and helping people find the best tools for the job
  • You have a knack for market analysis, you research heavily before you buy anything, and you know how to cut through the noise online to find what really matters
  • You are excited about the potential of high-quality AI content creation. You have experience using AI-based tools (ChatGPT 4, Bard, Perplexity AI, etc.) to produce blog posts or reviews and aren’t afraid to experiment to get the outputs you want

Instructions to Apply