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Job Description

We manage the content for some of the highest-profile B2B sites out there.

We’ve already assembled a team of writers to handle the demands of these sites, publishing over 80 posts per month. But amazing blogs aren’t built on content volume alone. Every post also needs to be incredible. That’s where you come in.

We are looking for a Freelance Editor to edit our posts before they are published on our sites.

You have one goal and one goal only: ensuring that every post we publish meets our strict standards of quality.

Your Responsibilities

  • Reviewing first drafts of new posts, making revisions, and getting the post ready for publishing.
  • Improving the copy of each post by refining sentence structure, removing repetition and fluff, changing vague statements of benefit into examples that are more tangible for readers, and smoothing out and polishing transitions within the copy.
  • Improving the content of each post. Do we focus on the right details? Have we synthesized everything for our readers? Are we giving visitors what they want? Each post should provide as much value as possible.
  • Ensuring all new drafts meet the expectations of any templates or briefs we’ve provided. Have keywords been used appropriately? Do headings match our outlines? Have the writers listened to our notes and considerations and followed our specific instructions?
  • Verifying that we only use appropriate internal links and high-quality external links in our posts.
  • Identifying opportunities for improving the quality of our writers' output and sharing those suggestions with our content management team.

How to Tell If You’ll Be a Great Fit

  • This role will focus exclusively on B2B content like software buying decisions, how to create websites, marketing topics, etc. You should be excited by the prospect of spending 100% of your time making written copy on these topics as good as it possibly can be.
  • You have experience with direct response copywriting. You should feel very comfortable with concepts like AIDA, hooks, CTAs, positioning, etc.
  • You have a long-standing habit of working on your own writing. It’s a passion of yours. You’ve devoured books on writing and regularly look for inspiration from writers that you admire.
  • You feel odd pride every time you spot a missing serial comma, rework a dangling participle into a punchier sentence, or say something effectively in five words instead of 15.
  • You’ve had extensive experience with writing and/or managing blogs. If you were to write a blog post yourself, it would be of extremely high quality. You know what a great post looks like with just a quick scan and know how to turn a good post into a great one.

Instructions to Apply