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Job Description

Full-Stack Developer 

We are looking for a Full-Stack developer to join our team.  We are an emerging technology company focused on long lasting and impactful tech solutions.   


As a full-stack developer, you will have the chance to work across the full spectrum of our systems.  

 You will assist in the development of our back-end infrastructure, by building secure and efficient API endpoints and normalized database systems. You will design and implement efficient and scalable features for our bots. You will develop new user-facing features and build reusable components with an emphasis on modularization.    

Working across the stack, you will be optimizing components for maximum performance and writing code using primitives and open source modules. You will ensure that code is thoroughly unit tested and the overall application is easy to maintain and scalable. You will coordinate with the rest of the team working on different layers of the infrastructure, so collaborative problem solving and quality code is valued.  

Requirements - Preferred

  • ¬†Bachelor‚Äôs or Master‚Äôs degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience.¬†

    Hands-on experience building client applications or dashboards. 

  • Experience designing database systems (SQL/NoSQL).¬†

  • Experience building secure API data endpoints.¬†

  • Experienced developing components and front-end hooks in React.js, for requests to API endpoints, local storage, caching, etc.¬†

  • Experience with common front-end tools such as Webpack, NPM, etc. ¬†

  • Experience in Python, Javascript/Typescript, C++, and/or Rust.¬†

  • Understanding of the general concept and framework behind a Discord Bot platform aimed for large-scale client use.¬†

  • Good understanding of back-end infrastructure, especially how it interrelates with a front-end dashboard and Discord Bots.¬†

  • Practical experience with Production environments (linux package updates, ec2 instances, nginx configs, etc.) ¬†

  • Experienced with error handling and logging best practices.¬†

  • Experienced with performance benchmarking, diagnostics, and optimization. ¬†

  • Experienced with Git versioning and bash commands.¬†

  • Experienced with the VS Code IDE.¬†

  • Urge to innovate and change the tech industry.¬†


  • ¬†Experience making Discord bots using and/or Discord.js¬†
  • 2+ years of professional experience as a Back-end or Full-Stack Developer, writing code deployed to production.¬†
  • Practical experience with Dockerized environments.¬†
  • Experience reviewing code and managing servers.¬†

Get in touch

We believe diverse teams help us make better products. Therefore we accept application from all people regardless of age, gender, religion and all other categorizations.

Recruitment process
We will invite suitable candidates to learn more about you and introduce ourselves.
If our expectations align we will be giving you a technical assignment and invite you to a technical interview. There will be a final interview with our lead partners before the work officially commences. 

Make sure to send in your application and include a link to your GitHub as soon as possible as the position can be filled before the last application day. We look forward to hearing from you. 

Instructions to Apply