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Job Description

About Us

We are a hotel and airbnb management company headquartered in NYC, with a work from home team split around the globe (we were working from home before it was the trend! :-) ). Founded in 2015, we weathered the pandemic and are again starting to grow!

Looking For

We are looking for a rockstar team member to fill out our guest and booking services team. Your primary role will be to help answer guest questions, verify and respond to booking requests, and generally offer guest support. The volume of inquiries is fairly low, so you will also be asked to work on administrative, marketing, sales or research tasks during this shift. These tasks will be assigned according to your skillset and interests.


You will be expected to work from your computer M-F, and monitor calls and messages from your phone on weekends (weekends are very slow with a typical shift seeing 1-2 messages the entire shift). When applying, please describe your hotel or airbnb guest services experience.

  • 12am - 8am NYC time
  • 8am - 4pm NYC time

$1,250 - $2,000/mo. Depends on experience.


- 5+ years hotel or airbnb guest services experience

- 1 solid internet connection with at least 20mbps speed

- A backup internet connection in case of power outages

- A laptop and cell phone able to support the latest versions of igms and line2

- A calm demeanor and a quick wit

- Ability to think creatively under stress

- Ability to work simultaneously on multiple projects

Optional (let us know if you have any of the below skills!):

- Social media experience

- Sales experience

- Marketing experience

- Real estate research experience

- Bookkeeping experience

- Spanish, French, and/or German


- 3 weeks paid vacation after your first 6 months

- 5 paid family and/or sick leave days after your first 6 months (convertible to vacation days if not used)

- $1,000 education credits after your first 6 months

- Flexibility to switch shifts with other agents as needed

- Flexible choice of holidays (we ask you monitor from your phone, but will be able to celebrate with friends/family as you wish

- The ability to work from anywhere with an internet connection

Note that we will not be hiring anyone with less than 5 years hotel or airbnb experience. You are expected to be working on your own after a 1 week training period, and this is unfortunately just too steep a learning curve without prior experience.

Instructions to Apply