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Job Description

For every person joining us for any position, there is a path and an opportunity to reach an executive role and become a company partner 

Antons Sapriko, Company Founder


Here is a video story of a colleague who joined the Key Account Manager team: 

Laura Balode, Gaining experience and becoming an eCommerce expert Key Account Manager. Latvia

How to become a Key Account Manager at scandiweb eCommerce Expert Team?

We are a very inclusive company with colleagues from over 30 countries across all continents. Our ratio of females is among the highest in the industry. We welcome people from all walks of life who can complete a test by showing their skill and knowledge.

While solid proven previous experience in eCommerce integrations and solutions is expected in this role, we value your ability to deliver results starting from the test task, and your enthusiasm and openness to embrace new knowledge and processes. Continuous learning and acting on feedback are among our core organizational values.

What are the responsibilities of a Key Account Manager?

In this role, you will focus on understanding scandiweb's customers and identifying their needs and pain points. Responsible for building and maintaining strong client relationships while driving sales growth through upselling and cross-selling services. Develop strategic account plans, monitor performance metrics, and collaborate with internal teams to ensure client satisfaction and retention, all while staying informed about industry trends and market conditions.

To grow your portfolio, you will have the opportunity to work with inbound leads, starting with conducting thorough research of networks, ecosystems, companies, industries, and individuals to uncover business objectives and identify opportunities. You will build strong, positive relationships with new customers, serving as a trusted advisor including CTOs and CEOs of scandiweb's top-tier organizations.

As a key player, you will lead daily sales activities, including preparing new offers and engaging potential clients through calls. You will actively participate in all stages of the sales process for both inbound and outbound leads, from introductory calls to solutionizing.

If possible, being available for travel to various locations, including Europe, the Middle East, and the US, will allow you to engage with potential clients and establish valuable connections. You will also be responsible for preparing compelling business presentations and proposals tailored to the specific needs of prospective clients.

What do we expect from you?

The core prior experience we are looking for is hands-on eCommerce. Whether as a Project Manager, Development, B2B Sales Specialist, or Bussines Developer with fluent English.  

Familiarity with platforms such as Magento/Adobe Commerce, Shopify, Akeneo, or PimCore is highly recommended and a significant advantage, as these are systems you will frequently encounter and work with.

It is important to have a technical understanding of eCommerce components and structure.

scandiweb is seeking a self-motivated individual who is driven by achieving results and strongly desires to succeed. 

Strong communication skills are essential, with confident skills in English and the ability to express oneself well in written, verbal, and presentation formats. Additionally, the ability to learn new frameworks, and systems, and obtain certifications is important in this role.

Please note that the requirements mentioned in this job description should be considered guidelines rather than strict rules. We are specifically looking for prior eCommerce experience and a business mindset.

Further career growth for Key Account Manager?

You will get support in career counseling from our HR department as each career path is unique taking into account your personal strengths and ambitions. 

Further professional growth and development can lead you to become a senior, team lead for one and/or multiple teams, heading a particular practice, and ultimately working with top accounts like Puma, The New York Times, or Läderach.

What is the compensation package of a Key Account Manager at scandiweb?

  • Competitive starting salary relative to the market;
  • Valuable eCommerce experience at the industry leader scandiweb;
  • Substantial monetary bonuses based on successful lead conversion to client;
  • Exciting travel opportunities;
  • Support for hardware upgrades;
  • Core health insurance coverage and sports bonuses;
  • A diverse multinational team of experts to learn from;
  • Company-covered training and certification;
  • Legendary online and onsite events to celebrate our success together.

Next steps

  • Apply and fill in the application form;
  • Receive the test task and complete it.

Here is what people who joined the Key Account Management team want to share with you:

“My journey with scandiweb started unexpectedly and out of curiosity. I saw an ad for a Junior Project Manager position and since I was somehow in IT but with little experience, I decided to try it out. It was a huge surprise to receive an offer and make it all happen. 

My first projects were in different stages and on different levels of experience needed. However, I was not hesitant to jump on them! North Coast Pottery (US client), Stenders (LV client), and Hebes Code (Spanish client). Being able to work on projects within different stages of development allowed me to learn the full cycle fairly quickly and progress in a speedy mode!

With the vast experience from the 3 projects, I continued my growth by joining Business Development (BD) - and that’s when my career took a massive turn. After learning all the basics, I was made a Key Account Manager of 5 different accounts at scandiweb. 

The best things I have learned and gained thanks to scandiweb? Self-confidence and believing in my experience. They allowed me to grow within my own pace and gave me an enormous amount of trust. The freedom of being able to work within your own frames makes you feel like the processes are not there! All of the teams and managers I worked with, valued me for who I am, and leveraged my strengths to the best advantage.”
Dominika Plata, Key Account Manager from Poland. Joined the company 4/3/2023.

I was looking for a company working in a variety of technologies and frameworks related to eCommerce, and scandiweb was the best suitable for this. I remember my first project was Christmas Tree World in which we did a Magento 2 Fresh build with data migration from the old Magento 2 website. 

I had the opportunity to lead the project discovery calls with the client to finalize the requirements, analyze and document the proposed implementation, and provide a project work estimate. Getting a chance to be involved in all things discovery enhances your technical skills and develops interpersonal skills and client communication.

I have learned that the best things on scandiweb are teamwork, handling responsibilities, and knowledge of eCommerce related technologies like iPaaS and PIM.

Anup Wankhede, Key Account Manager from India. Joined the company 10/30/2023.

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