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Job Description

Our Programs and Events

At 0xPARC you would support various types and lengths of events and programming including:

  • Multi-week / multi-month programs :
  • 0xPARC activations and programming at external conferences:
  • Smaller, more spontaneous and informal events:
    • Dinners, meet-ups, happy hours, social activities (sightseeing tours, shows), et

Projected 0xPARC Event and Program Locations in 2023

  • June - August: London (8+ weeks)
  • August: Bay Area, California (1-2 weeks)
  • November: Istanbul (2-3 weeks)

Candidates can expect to be traveling 80% of their time (8-10 months/year). This is a nomadic position, with expectation that you are very comfortable with international travel. Work-related travel and accommodations expenses are covered by 0xPARC.

Your Responsibilities

You’ll be working closely with other members of our Ops team in support of the following:

  • Travel Logistics
    • Coordinating and booking hotels, flights, etc for 0xPARC staff and community members traveling to conferences, events, programs, etc.
  • Event Coordination & Management
    • Logistics Support: 
      • Sourcing, booking and liaising with suppliers: co-working spaces & meeting rooms, venues, restaurants, meals & catering, merchandise & SWAG, AV, etc.
      • Creation of onboarding documents, run-down schedules, event team roster planning
      • Day-of event operations: set up, tear-down, check-in, etc.
    • Communication & Admin: 
      • Onboarding and off-boarding participants from various tools and digital communities (i.e. Discord, Airtable, Google docs/folders, etc)
      • Creating and disseminating information via emails, blog posts, Airtable forms, Discord, Telegram, 
        • Sending invites and confirming RSVPs to attendees and speakers
        • Creating and sending out FAQs and other emails with key information (i.e. itineraries, travel reimbursement instructions, etc)
        • Applicant and attendee management.
    • Social Programming:
      • Organizing fun and spontaneous social activities (i.e. games bars, shows, external talks, happy hours, etc) and making the bookings.
    • Finance Admin:
      • Secure quotes, update event/programming budgets, submission and tracking expenses and receipts.

*Level of involvement and ownership for each of the above will depend on successful hires experience and competencies.

Skills Required

  • High attention to detail.
  • Excellent English communication skills, both written and verbal. Experience with async communication on a distributed team is highly valued.
  • Able to handle multiple projects at the same time, respond to rapid change, and meet deadlines.
  • Comfortable with repetitive tasks with an eye for identifying areas that can be improved / made into a playbooks / automated.
  • Event planning/production, project management, and/or logistics experience.
  • Proactive, growth mindset, and comfortable solving problems independently.
  • A “no-job-too-small” attitude


  • Familiarity with Airtable, Notion, project management tools and other no-code applications.
  • Previous work with distributed teams over multiple timezones.

Relevant Experience

  • Event coordination/management/production
  • Experience and/or proficiency with no-code tools (Notion, Airtable) and Gsuite
  • Office management
  • Community management
  • Travel logistics (booking accommodations, transportation, etc for large groups)
  • Customer service-type roles

We aren’t big on titles, which is why you’ll notice this role doesn’t really have one. Complimentary past roles for this role could include, but are not limited to: event co-ordinator, executive assistant, operations coordinator/manager, project manager, etc.


$4,000 - $6,000 USD gross / month depending on your experience. May be salaried employee or freelancing contractor role depending on your location.

We are accepting applicants from all locations around the world with a slight preference for those located in North America or Europe and/or who hold passports that rank high on the Henley Passport Index.

More in detailed information on 0xPARC and the role can be found here.

Instructions to Apply