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Job Description

TL;DR: WallStreetZen is a fast-growing financial software & media company. We’re looking for an experienced operations / project manager to take control of our day-to-day admin and operational work to help drive the business forward. Your mission will be to make our scrappy startup run like a well-oiled machine.

This role is fully remote. You can be located anywhere - as long as you can accommodate at least 4 hours of overlap with Hong Kong working hours (8am-6pm UTC+8).

Keep reading if you have experience in an ops/project manager type role, thrive on solving problems, pushing things forward, designing and managing systems - and are eager to work with a small, high-performing remote team!

A bit about us

WallStreetZen’s core product is a B2C SaaS tool that helps retail investors analyze stocks.

We’re striving to build the best product in a competitive category that includes names like Yahoo Finance.

But despite our ambitions, we’re not on a traditional venture track - we plan to grow organically and profitably.

This means you get the benefits of working for an ambitious startup - quality, impactful work with a small team of high performers - but you also get to prioritize family, relationships and mental health.

While our core product is our stock analysis tool, the fastest-growing segment of our business is financial publishing. What started as a content marketing strategy has evolved into a full-blown financial publishing business! We publish reviews, comparison articles, and how-tos on financial topics.

More content publishing means more revenue, but also more headaches. That’s where you come in!

Still with me? Great. Please say “I'm still with you” somewhere in your application.

Why you might be excited about us

  1. Results-oriented. Over 1 million ppl used WallStreetZen last month - but we’re still only 3 full time team members and a bunch of part-time freelancers. So you'll get a ton of stuff done without office politics or bureaucracy.

  2. Fast career advancement. You’ll get in on the ground floor of a growing company. You’ll work directly with the founder and have a major impact on the business.

  3. Find balance. We work hard but also highly value balance. We care about family and your own personal development.

  4. Competitive salary (negotiable based on skills and experience)

  5. Eligible for performance bonuses (negotiable after first 6 months)

  6. 4 weeks of annual paid leave. Plus public holidays in your country of residence

  7. Remote-first. Set your own schedule - as long as there’s at least 4 hours of overlap with Hong Kong working hours (UTC+8 - 8am-6pm)

  8. We’ll grow together. We care a ton about your satisfaction and job happiness, and will help prep you for whatever you're looking for in the future.

Why you might not be excited about us

  1. We're small (3 full time people in the company right now and ~10 part-time freelancers), so if you like more established companies, it's not (yet) the right time.

  2. Our customers love us, but there's still a lot we can improve. It's a great position to be in, but it means there's some jank. (Nothing too scary! 😃).

  3. We have high standards when it comes to product, and it applies to operations as well. We sweat the details.

What you will be working on

You’ll work directly with the founder to remove operational and administrative bottlenecks, enabling the WSZ team to focus on product, marketing, and editorial.

You’ll work with our head of content to scale content production. You’ll recruit and manage writers. You’ll build flexible processes to enable the WSZ team to consistently deliver high quality, optimized content that’s useful for Google searchers and drives business goals.

You’ll make the whole company’s day-to-day operations smooth like butter so we can grow revenue.

Here are some of the areas you’ll own:

  • Content Operations

    • Through your operational excellence, solve bottlenecks and enable our SEOs, editors and writers to produce high quality, optimized content at scale.

    • Find writing talent (job postings, fielding questions, initial screening interviews, onboarding)

    • Build lightweight processes to check for quality and ensure we’re hitting our business goals.

    • Work with our affiliate partners to understand their compliance requirements - and build processes and checks to ensure we’re compliant

    • Set up automations whenever possible to make our processes more efficient

    • Take our best practices that are driving revenue, and make sure they’re rolled out across the team as we scale

    • Design, build and run a system to ensure our content is continuously updated and improved.

  • SOPs & Playbooks

    • You'll be designing, building and managing the systems that move the business from 1 → 10.

    • Continuously improve processes and systems to help the company scale

    • Share and communicate ideas on how we can solve bottlenecks

    • Put together monthly reports on key metrics

  • Finance

    • Work with bookkeepers to ensure invoices / receipts tracked, everything correctly categorized, and tax / payroll obligations handled

    • Ensure payments go out on time

  • Admin

    • Handle the day-to-day admin and coordinating activities to ensure smooth, efficient business processes and functions.

    • Managing / triaging founder inbox & calendar management

    • Run the hiring process for an exec assistant

You’ll have some management and oversight responsibilities, but this is will start primarily as an individual contributor role. You’ll be rolling up your sleeves and getting a lot done. We all wear multiple hats.

This is a full-time remote role, open to all timezones. However, it will require at least 4 hours of overlap with HK working hours (UTC+8 - 8am-6pm).

A bit about you

You’ll thrive if you have these qualities/experience:

  • 3+ years experience in an operational or project management position of some type, ideally in some type of digital industry.

  • You are an extremely organized individual. You'll be designing, building and managing the systems that move the business from 1 → 10.

  • You’re a natural problem solver. A big part of your job will be to solve problems that will unlock revenue growth.

  • You get stuff done. You‘re a builder who thrives on forward momentum.

  • Systems thinker. If a problem occurs twice, you look for a permanent fix.

  • High levels of attention to detail. Does it pain you to see a missing comma? Do you notice when an H2 has too little padding above it?

  • SOP / Process nerd - Does a fully ticked off checklist get your engine going? Does seeing a new Zapier integration fire for the first-time trigger a dopamine rush?

  • Able to leverage automation and VAs: able to automate and delegate to maximize efficiency.

  • No task is too small: “how you do anything is how you do everything”, you pride yourself on doing the job right, even when it's a “low level” task.

  • Team management skills. The team will be executing on the systems and process that you design, and they will need some help sometimes. You'll be ensuring the processes you build are running smoothly.

  • Ability to perform well with or without detailed directions. You'll be given the outcomes and asked to design the vehicles for reaching them. Nobody will be holding your hand or doing your work; but there will be someone to help when you really need it.

  • Growth Mindset. You must be hungry to develop in this role both personally and professionally.

  • Deep knowledge of project management tools and software

  • Basic technical literacy (e.g. not afraid to figure out how to configure a zapier automation)

Nice-to-have job requirements (not required; but welcome)

  • Personal finance and investing nerd

  • Accounting experience

  • An understanding of SEO

  • Experience as a website content manager or managing editor.

Look forward to hearing from you

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