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Job Description

We are looking for a podcast host who can conduct interviews and share stories of emerging and already established creators. The stories will focus on their journey: how they started their careers, grew their audiences, and created their businesses.


You will be the face of a show, and your main task will be to interview the guest, introduce segments, and provide commentary throughout each episode. You need to be able to communicate your ideas, observations, and questions in an engaging way for our audience.


About Sellfy


Sellfy is an easy-to-use eCommerce platform built for YouTubers, music producers, and other creators who want to sell their work and content online. Since 2011, Sellfy has grown to over 300,000 digital creators worldwide and continues to be on a steady growth trend.


  • Create a podcast format that will appeal to our audience and keep them engaged
  • Research the guest before the show and conduct a 60-90 minute interview
  • Coordinate tasks with our marketing team, designers, and other staff members to create content for an episode

Skills needed

  • Fluent English
  • Charismatic personality
  • Previous experience in a similar role (podcasts, radio, or TV)


  • Your own equipment for recording video/audio
  • Ability to edit audio/video files to remove pauses, mistakes in speech and improve overall audio quality
  • Ability to edit audio/video files to create the final version of each episode

Instructions to Apply