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Job Description


Prisms is seeking a highly skilled Product Manager to help strategize development processes and keep track of development tasks for our VR software developers and artists. The ideal candidate is passionate about transforming K12 STEM education, has experience managing a development team, strong problem-solving, organizational and collaborative skills. Your primary responsibility will be to work closely with our team to manage and prioritize development tasks, ensuring efficient processes that empower our designers and developers to build high-quality, immersive learning experiences.


  • Plan development and product timelines
  • Manage development tasks and keep track of progress
  • Plan and execute external development partnerships such as with voice-over studios and other external teams
  • Aid developers and content creators organize their work and collaborate with product designers in order to react to changes in real-time
  • Create QA strategies and organize testing sessions
  • Improve development and testing workflows


  • Bachelors degree
  • Experience managing a development team
  • Strong problem-solving skills
  • Organizational and collaborative skills
  • Passionate about transforming K12 STEM education

Instructions to Apply