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Job Description

If you want to join as a remote team member at a profitable, high-growth startup, where you will be a key member of the product team, making sure that we're building the right product in the right way, fulfilling the desires of thousands of entrepreneurs, and bringing to life functionalities they haven't even thought of yet, all while gaining vast, practical hands-on experience, then this Product Owner position is THE job for you. 

This is the startup position where you’ll build a killer resume, since in 1 year here you’ll learn more than 5 years in a typical role. Not only that, but if you can succeed in this role, we want you to grow with us.

Who we are… 🐶

We’re A video marketing platform that helps entrepreneurs scale their businesses in the face of bigger, better-funded competitors. We do this with the advanced tools in our video marketing & hosting platform. We’re 6 years old 🎂 and growing 50-100% per year. And you’re going to be a part of the team that will add a few zeros to that growth rate. 

This is a rare chance to step into a management role in a startup, where you can grow with us, without all the early pain of getting product market fit, revenue, profitability or fundraising. We’ve already done the hard part, now it is scaling time. 

At a glance… 💪

  • Report to the Head of Product, a serial entrepreneur, who is in love with UX and design.  
  • You will be making sure our team of developers has all the specifications they need to build the product the way we dream it.  
  • Our shared goal is to have a well-oiled machine that can go from idea creation to production features seamlessly.
  • You’ll be in charge of GSD (getting shit done) in product, which means owning the short-term product backlog and WIP (see more below). 
  • You'll be the person accountable for getting features built with all of the possible use case scenarios in mind. 
  • This job is all about getting your hands dirty with putting pieces together. 
  • Kick ass, and continue to grow with us as we scale, e.g. you will grow in responsibilities.  

What will it be like working at Vidalytics? 💻

We are a product-led company (which also has a big marketing focus). Our product has grown so much in the past few years because we deliver attractive features that marketers love, and they spread the word amongst them about what we provide to them. 

You’ll play a significant role in bringing new features to life and ensuring our users and leads get a product that helps them grow their businesses faster.

The team members that will be helping you are… 

  • CEO / CMO – Patrick. He sets the strategy at a very high level around the product, since he takes care of the Marketing department as well, and is actually also our ideal customer! (Hence why he's also the face of the brand… Vidalytics is his brainchild). 
  • Head of Product  – That'd be me, Erika ;) I have a tight grip on who our users are, what they are saying about us, and what they expect… which I use to set priorities in our roadmap and backlog. I manage our designers and QA testers. I'm also a UX specialist and have a good understanding of visual design. We'll work closely together to determine what the definition of done is for our features, and to move them from "dev done" to our users' hands. 
  • Head of Engineering –  The maestro of the development department, and who has the last word when it comes to how to implement a feature (architecture, etc.)
  • Developers – All the team members bringing our cool features to life.
  • Designers – The artists behind the features. 
  • QA – Our QA tester will use your acceptance criteria to create test cases and make sure the feature the devs build works to our expectations. 
  • Customer Happiness – The front line in our relationship with the outside world. These folks will bring to us feature requests and feedback for us to dream of new functionality for the app. 

Who You Are (Personality Type) 🦁

  • Organized. 
  • Detailed oriented. You get things right, without losing yourself in the weeds. 
  • Biased towards action. 
  • Tech savvy — you’re not afraid of the technical topics of marketing (analytics, tech, split testing, media buying). 
  • Resourceful & self-sufficient – You’re able to figure things out, with minimal instructions. 
  • Curious – You're always thinking about "what if…"
  • Not afraid to get your hands dirty, even if that means rolling up your sleeves to do something that isn’t your job. 
  • You’re hungry for knowledge and like to learn. 
  • You are reliable. You show up when you say you will, and get shit done. 
  • Accountable to deadlines and results. You get results, even when the unexpected arises.
  • You can take direct honest feedback AND you can give the same.
  • You embody Vidalytics’ values (read more here about Vidalytics’ values, and no these aren’t just things we say to fill up space in our job posts).

What You’ll Be Doing (Job Tasks) 😃

  • Reviewing designs – reviewing what our designers produce, based on the Head of Product's requirements. Making sure that the designs account for all possible use case scenarios and that they are of very high quality.
  • Writing acceptance criteria – translating said designs into a series of technical requirements that guide the development time when building features. You will describe in great detail how all the parts of the feature work, keeping in mind interactions between features, accessibility, and any other criteria that increases product quality. 
  • Meeting with the product team – to review our roadmap, product feedback, and to plan ahead, as well as to report the current status of the backlog and discuss improvements to the product workflow.   
  • Understanding our users and industry – as a PO, you'll be expected to understand what our users expect of the product. Thus, you'll be required to understand the audience we cater to so you can better identify users' needs and even prioritize features. 
  • Analyzing data from our database – this might not happen right away, but in time you might want to take a look at what product usage looks like, so you can make more informed decisions when backlog grooming time comes. You should feel comfortable going through product usage data, at least at a high level.
  • Grooming the backlog – with information gathered from the executive team, our users and the dev team, you should be able to help prioritize the backlog so it makes sense at all levels (business, development, customer happiness).

We’d Love to Hear From You If (Job Requirements) 👊🏻

  • You can crush the tasks listed above 
  • You’ve done this type of work before and been successful (we will check references) 
  • You have native English ability 
  • You have a bias toward action 
  • Have a curious nature
  • You’re detail-oriented
  • You’re VERY organized 
  • You’re in Europe and or the Americas, and are able to have a good overlap with European working hours

What You’ll Love About Us (Benefits and Perks) 😉

  • Great company culture. You’re going to be part of a team, not a cog in a machine. 
  • We’re here to enable you. It’s your work and your career. Our leadership team is here to help you become who you want to be, not to micromanage you.
  • We value your ideas. At Vidalytics, my door is always open. Need help? Let’s talk! Have a vision for the future of the company? I want to hear it. 
  • Rest and relaxation. Employees enjoy a generous PTO package.
  • Professional development. Want to continue your education? Vidalytics pays for classes, conferences, and more.
  • You’re more than an employee, you’re a person. Every co-worker you’ll meet is committed to treating you with respect and kindness. You won’t hear stuff like, “It’s just business.”
  • This is a resume-making position, where you’ll learn a lot and have a lot of responsibility. You don’t have to wait for someone to die or retire to move up, like in a mega-corp. You’ll grow with us! 

Vidalytics’ Values 

(Yes, We’re Actually Serious About These) 😇

1 - Meritocracy – we’re building a Meritocracy, where the best ideas win -- not based on who has the bigger title. The following values underpin this. You should embody these traits. 

2 - Direct & honest communication (transparency) – to be successful we have to face the truth and be honest. And that starts with each other. That means we give direct feedback. We want it in exchange. So feel free to argue your points, just be ready to get onboard with decisions once they are made. 

3 - Ownership & Accountability – the best people are the ones who OWN their position, tasks and even things that go beyond their ‘day to day responsibilities’. They never say, “that’s not my job.” Instead, they proactively spot problems and always try to think like the owner of the business. 

4 - Intelligence and smarts – we prize smart people. Who doesn’t? But it's not just book smarts but “business smarts” where you’re able to solve problems. Think for yourself. And don't be intimidated by any problem, no matter how complex. (Aka growth mindset). 

5 - Self-aware (personal growth) – we want people who can look at themselves objectively, admit their mistakes and be open to growth. When you bring this attitude to your profession, it becomes a place of personal development and self-actualization. 

6 - Integrity – trust is the glue that holds us together. We need to be able to trust you whether it is regarding the quality of your hours, the deadlines you set for yourself or anything else. 

7- Urgency – we’re a startup and you need to be able to meet deadlines. We need someone who pushes themselves when they need to and hits deadlines. And also knows how to prioritize the important things. 

8 - Hard working – we’re trying to get shit done on a budget. If you’re looking for an easy job, go elsewhere. Instead, this job will constantly have challenges and opportunities to learn and grow professionally. But we try to have fun while we’re doing it and consider each other friends. 

9 - Data – whenever possible, we want to make decisions based on data, not emotions or opinions. 

10 - No assholes – Doesn’t matter how good someone is at their job, if they are going to make life suck for other people on the team, then they aren’t welcomed at Vidalytics.



Erika Lehmann

Co-Founder / Head of Product @ Vidalytics

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