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Job Description

Hey there!

We're a community marketing agency and we're looking to partner with a Reddit Marketer to help grow our clients' brands.

Let's dive in with some background...

We sell growth packages for technology companies in the SEO and virality industries.

Our services range from backlinks and written-for-you blog posts to done-for-you Reddit and Quora marketing. We're working on new innovative services all the time, from ProductHunt launch kits to new ways of driving traffic.

Our clients love us because we're affordable, we guarantee results, and our customer success team is always around to help. Not to mention the services are one-of-a-kind.

Here's what you'll be working on in this role... 
1. You'll dive deep into client websites and figure out what subreddits are a fit for them.

2. You'll research and find subreddits that are a match for a client. You gotta be creative here. Naturally, you'll have to make sure the posts don't break any subreddit rules.

3. You'll draft and propose posts on Reddit that'll help the client achieve their goal. Sometimes it's YouTube views, sometimes it's website visits. The goal when drafting a post is to avoid any kind of self-promotion or spam filters.

4. You'll work with our Reddit Marketing team to actually launch the campaign. We've got Reddit accounts that we can use for adding comments, upvotes and so forth. We'll give the post the best chance for success.

5. And voila. That's kind of it. We're always working on new services and products so you'll have a lot of flexibility in terms of what you're working on.

A great applicant will...

- Have extensive experience marketing across Reddit. With a portfolio of examples of the kind of promotions they've done.

- A strong background in Digital Marketing in general

- Be a native (or 100% fluent) English speaker

- Be super organized

At first, you will start with a training period to get acquainted with our processes and systems. As you get your footing, you will transition into full-time work

Our team culture is fun and fairly laid back. We're always working on new initiatives and projects, which keeps our hands full at all times.

If you think you'd be a great fit for this role, please fill out the below application:

Looking forward to meeting, and working with you!

Dimitry |

CEO @ Soar

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