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Job Description

We are AboutHire, a fast-growing startup, creating a video-interviewing platform. This is a rare opportunity to work directly with a team of A-Players.

The ideal candidate must have:

Confident and a self-starter motivated by earning potential and professional development.


• Resilient and not afraid to work hard and meet rejections whilst prospecting

• Intelligent & high emotional intelligence to build strong, consultative relationships with prospects

• Personable and able to hold professional conversations on the phone and on video

• Strong professional written communication 

• Receptive to developmental feedback and training

• Ready for the challenge of a tough, outbound sales role

• Inquisitive and innovative, thinking outside the box to get results

• Focused and organized

The SaaS market (software as a service) is currently valued at $157 billion USD, is growing 18% year on year and 99% of organizations are currently using at least one SaaS solution. It’s not surprising it is fast becoming one of the most sought-after industries for graduates to kickstart a lucrative sales career.

What you’ll get out of it:

  • You’ll get to work with the executive team on a regular basis and learn how to think like a CEO.
  • You will get exposure to real business problems every company faces (growth) that you can take with you to start your own company (or to help scale another).
  • You will have fun, plain and simple. There is a reason our first company value is that work should feel like play

To apply, please complete the a-sync video interview.

Instructions to Apply