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Job Description

Note: We are mostly hiring outside the US, paying $20/hour ($10 base + $10 commission).

TO APPLY, email your resume to with the following:

  • What are your major life goals?
  • Please read through the paragraphs at the website (takes 5 minutes) and include your results (your type) in your application.
  • Please go to and send a screencast describing what we do. Go to to download free software to capture your voice, video, and screen, and then send the Loom link of your screencast with your application.
  • Please list accomplishments/achievements/honors/sports victories/scholarships, etc. that you’re most proud of.

About You

As our sales representative, you will answer incoming calls from leads, understand their needs, and bring them to a close. You need to be welcoming over the phone, happy to answer at least 30 calls per day, comfortable using a CRM, and excited to bring telecom services to those who need them. You will also be hungry to make quota for weekly bonuses, and follow up with existing leads with urgency.

What You’ll Be Responsible For

- Hitting quota every week
- Reporting your achievements, and sharing feedback so we can continually improve the customer experience
- Manage a pipeline
- Excellence in data entry; paying attention to every detail to ensure a successful, well-qualified sale, and customer happiness

Instructions to Apply