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Job Description

Imagine choosing your projects, collaborating with the best, and keeping every dollar you earn.

At A路Team, we鈥檝e turned this vision into reality for top-tier independent software builders. Since May 2020, A路Teamers have earned over $108 million working on high-impact projects for companies backed by a16z, YC, Insight Partners, Tiger Global, Softbank, General Catalyst, and more.

Why A路Team?

  • High-paying, meaningful missions: Earn $90-$170/hr with over 500 companies鈥攆rom trailblazing startups like Sightful, D-ID, and Apprentice to enterprise innovators like Lyft, Google X, and HCA.
  • Collaborate with trusted peers: Work in small, elite teams for high-impact projects, ensuring top-tier collaboration.
  • Full autonomy: Choose projects that excite you. Join when you're ready, and take breaks as needed.
  • Exclusive gatherings: Participate in off-the-record events and connect with top builders.
  • Transparent earnings: Keep 100% of your rate.

How to Join:

Visit A路Team Application and mention WWR under "how you heard about A路Team." No cover letter needed 鈥 we value your portfolio.

What to Expect:

As an A路Teamer, you鈥檒l be invited to projects matching your interests. Work with startups, well-funded companies, or non-tech giants, building ambitious software from scratch in 3-4 person teams. Scope, strategize, and execute, often guiding clients who need direction.

Who We're Looking For:

  • Senior developers who left large companies to pursue their craft with autonomy.
  • Those preferring consistent contract work over full-time roles, eager to create innovative products with other top-tier builders.
  • Independent workers, full-time employees exploring client work, bootstrapping side projects, or searching for their next big thing.

Not for:

  • People seeking small gigs.
  • Builders focused on simple WordPress/Wix/Squarespace sites.
  • Early-career professionals and recent grads.

Our Vision:

A路Team is for the "unhirables" 鈥 exceptional builders whom traditional companies can鈥檛 hire full-time. We empower you to do meaningful work with your favorite people in small, autonomous, expert teams.

A.Team is forging a new vision for the future of work that鈥檚 backed by $60M in funding from investors like Insight Partners, Tiger Global, and Spruce House, future-of-work pioneers like Adam Grant, Dan Ariely and Joseph Fuller, cultural leaders like Jay-Z鈥檚 RocNation, and founders and execs from CAA, Apollo, Upwork, Fiverr, and SpaceX.

Ready to join a team where your talent is valued, and your work is meaningful? Apply now and start your next great mission with A路Team.

Instructions to Apply