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Job Description

We’re looking for someone to increase our development velocity by collaborating closely with our development and cloud teams to create and maintain our internal development platform.

Key Responsibilities 

  • Create integration libraries between our back-end code and our SaaS solutions (AWS API, Terraform Cloud API, New Relic, and more)
  • Help suggest and implement TypeScript best practices within our Front-end and Back-end codebases
  • Split shared functionality out of our codebases and into internal libraries, helping write usage and contribution documentation
  • Refactor backend and frontend code to more natively integrate with our primary AWS services, such as Parameter Store, Secrets Manager, CloudWatch, and more
  • Collaborate with our cloud team to deprecate and replace in-house tooling with AWS-managed solutions
  • Help in our efforts to break apart our monolithic API into a more loosely-coupled architecture, focusing primarily on shared functionality and routing
  • Help create dashboards and internal tooling so that our customers can have more control over their Knack app’s, and our developers can increase their own development velocity.

Skills Knowledge and Expertise 

  • An expert in TypeScript/JavaScript software development with a history of keeping up with best practices in the industry
  • Experienced with AWS development, or has a strong interest in learning quickly on the job
  • Experienced with CI/CD and testing best practices, or has a strong interest in learning quickly on the job
  • Interested in being a strong bridge between Cloud and Development: mentoring our cloud engineers to be better developers, and being an advocate for cloud-oriented solutions within engineering
  • Interested in learning more about all aspects of the codebase: from code to container, from CI/CD to AWS.
  • Comfortable working with multiple teams on tasks and taking the lead to see projects through to completion

Our Stack 

Our stack is evolving over the next year and we’d love you to be a part of that! 
Currently we’re using:

  • Back-end: JavaScript/TypeScript, Node.js, ES6, GoLang
  • Data: Aurora PostgreSQL, Redis, ElasticSearch
  • DevOps & Deployment: All things AWS, Terraform (and Terraform Cloud), Jenkins, Github, Grafana, GrayLog
  • Testing: Playwright, Mocha, Jest
  • Front-end: Vue.js, Webpack, SCSS

Instructions to Apply