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Job Description

Who we’re looking for

At Greyfinch we have a positive, diverse, and supportive culture.  Join us if:

  • You’re a proactive team player. You’re smart, humble, hardworking and, above all, collaborative. You reach out when you’re stuck and are proactive in moving on to the next thing.
  • You embrace automation. You’re a highly-skilled, independent engineer that supports our technical vision of simplification, inclusion, and automation in software development. Our operational focus is on the speed of change and automation.
  • You’re constantly learning. You’re curious and like to stay on top of technology trends, experimenting with different tools, languages, and frameworks.
  • You’re autonomous. You are comfortable with making decisions and working towards objectives.

Why you may want to join us

  • You care about what you work on. You don’t want to work on yet another advertising platform, instead, you want your work to have a positive impact on people’s lives.
  • You work on the system as a whole. Our tech blurred the line between frontend, backend, and ops. It helps us focus and work on what matters most. We have time to think solutions through and iterate on them.
  • You love product work. A few challenges ahead of us are building: an experimental, privacy-first patient experience; an administrative portal and dashboard, integrated with third-party vendors and providers; internal tooling for healthcare providers; and understanding how products are used through data and analytics.
  • You move fast. Our tech changes with us. We want to: create scalable, dependable, and innovative software products our clients will love; automate the development and testing processes; support the business with the discovery and assessment of different technologies; we will be diving into ML at some point; contribute to the open-source projects that we actively use.Why you might *not* want to join us
  • You want fully-fledged specs. We are not looking for someone waiting for tickets to move them between the columns.
  • You want to clock in and clock out. Our team is distributed across continents. We work towards objectives instead of hours in the day.
  • You’re fixed in a tech stack. We need a team player, an open-minded, proactive, and accountable individual with strong communication skills. We all face challenges and the team is there to support each other and ensure the success of everything we do.
  • You don’t want change. What you do today when you join us will probably be different from what you do in a year’s time. We’re a small, rapidly growing, team and change is bound to happen.

Our tech stack

Technology is a means to an end for us. We automate a lot and choose our stack to help us maximize our outcomes and make our work more impactful.

  • React. The base of our frontend is React and React Native with Expo. We use a state-machine-based UI/UX layer to simplify our frontend that compiles to React.
  • Hasura. Node.js. For our data layer, we rely on Hasura (, which automates GraphQL on top of PostgreSQL and orchestrates our custom logic, which is generally serverless Node.js functions.
  • Java. A part of our software is built on Java using Spring and Vaadin and we’re actively migrating away from it. Being able to read Java would be a plus.
  • AWS. Our infrastructure is hosted in AWS and it’s described through Terraform. We use lambdas, Fargate, S3, and Cloudwatch to name a few services.

It's ok if you don't know some of that tech. If you're open-minded and enthusiastic, we’ll get through it together!

Our team is

  • Dynamic and autonomous. We work towards objectives with overall guidelines without micromanagement.
  • Helpful. Teammates are there for each other. There’s no gatekeeping and anyone can work on any part of the stack.
  • Diverse. We all come from different backgrounds and parts of the world.
  • Thoughtful. We care about the things we make and enjoy intellectually challenging work. We’re constantly learning.
  • Focused. We’re focused on the product as a whole and automate things to ease our day to day work.

Terms of employment

  • Full-time. This is a full-time equivalent position.
  • Remote. We are a remote-first company, our compensation is irrespective of your location.
  • Time off. We only ask for 160 hours of work per month, which gives you additional time in your schedule that might otherwise be used as PTO, holidays, etc.
  • Additional perks include learning and hardware budgets, and team gatherings.

The status of this position may be a contract or direct with Greyfinch, depending on your location and circumstances. Let’s talk about it!

Reach out to us!

Our interviewing process typically consists of two steps:

  1. A 20 to 30-minute introductory call to see if we’re a good fit for each other.
  2. A 30 to 60-minute screen sharing session where we discuss a project you built or contributed to. If you don’t have anything public you can showcase, we can provide you with a simple take-home exercise to code to base the conversation on.

If all of that sounds interesting and you’re up for a chat, email me at


Darío, CTO

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