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Job Description

Update Contra's editor (the very editor used to post this job post!), which is essential for creating projects, services and various other tasks on the platform. The editor is built using Slate.js and requires a developer with experience in Slate.js and TypeScript to manage its extensive codebase.

Scope of engagement:

  • Update dependencies of the project.
  • Fix all tests that break due to the updated dependencies.

For context, we are on version 0.93 and want to update to the latest version. There were a few breaking changes along the way that require troubleshooting. There are thousands of tests to help you ensure that you are on the right track.

The initial scope is intentionally pretty narrow, but we would want to continue with the freelancer on ongoing basis to add new features to the editor. This is likely to be several months long engagement due to sheer scale of the backlog. 

Instructions to Apply