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Job Description

Circle is building the modern community platform for every creator and brand in the world: think "Shopify for creator/brand-led communities". We make it really easy for creators and brands to bring their discussions, members, and content all into one place. Circle is a product-led company, with thousands of paying customers.

We're looking to hire a Social Media Manager with at least 1-2 years of relevant experience and a solid track record of success managing high-volume social media accounts.

This is a 100% remote role. We're now a fully remote team of 65 (and growing!) based in the U.S., Colombia, Portugal, India, Argentina, Slovenia, and other countries. We have a preference for candidates in U.S. and European time zones.

Check out our Careers page for more information about us.


  • You’ll get to run our social media strategy from end-to-end and make editorial decisions to highlight our story.
  • Taking a piece of pillar content (i.e. a 60-minute webinar or live interview) and then transforming it into 20-30 pieces of micro content to be shared across all of our social channels. Note: You would be identifying the key moments and content that we'd be sharing, but you'd have help to design and edit the creative. You'd put together creative briefs for the designer who can bring your ideas to life.
  • You'll be responsible for getting the content pieces composed, scheduled, and published.
  • Managing all of the engagement on each channel, and reply to folks who interact with us.
  • Reporting on key KPIs and progress. You'll work closely with our Senior Demand Gen Manager.

Who we're looking for

  • You're comfortable with all of the major channels (IG, Facebook, Linkedin, Tiktok, Youtube, and Twitter) and you know how to tell stories and earn attention across these channels, while keeping brand consistency.
  • You're a great writer. You know how write engaging posts and copy. You know what will resonate, capture attention.
  • You have excellent judgement when it comes to repurposing content. You're able to take an entire 60 minute keynote speech or a 30 minute video interview or webinar and repurpose the best moments into 10, or 20, or 30 pieces of microcontent in different formats, across channels.
  • You focus on getting things across the finish line. While we'll have a designer and video editor for you in this role, you don't mind relying on your own design and video editing skills to get things done quickly and on-time.
  • You love to experiment with new types of creative and focus on driving real business results. Traffic, views, followers — you're able to get into the weeds and care about improving performance of our accounts.

We're looking for someone who can work either part time or full time as a contractor. (20-40 hours per week). If you’re interested in joining, please apply!

Instructions to Apply