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Job Description

Will you be the NXT1 to make a difference?

The NXT1 Cloud Company (dba NXT1) is a PaaS/SaaS development startup based outside Baltimore Maryland. Our flagship solution, LaunchIT, is a platform that was purpose-built for software vendors to rapidly build and securely launch cloud-native SaaS. LaunchIT provides day 1 protection, scale, and maturity for any SaaS. Coupled with powerful add on services ranging from FedRAMP Compliance and Adversarial Emulation to SaaS Helpdesk and Marketing services, we offer a building block approach for ISVs to rapidly realize a return on investment planned around their available in-house resources (e.g., time, effort, dollars), regardless of business maturity.

We’re looking for a Strategic Marketing Director to join our leadership team, who are launching secure and compliant SaaS significantly faster and cheaper than traditional approaches. Reporting directly to our CEO, John Sobczak, you will formulate and execute a marketing strategy that establishes and broadcasts NXT1’s image, unique capabilities, and earth-shattering results to the world. This role requires a solid foundation in marketing strategies for technology startups as well as PaaS and SaaS offerings.

Your top priority on Day 1 will be to focus on launching LaunchIT, our game changing platform, to the world, where you will:

  • Collaborate with our senior leaders to develop and execute a cohesive, targeted, and profitable marketing strategy that builds brand awareness and results in sales.
  • Design high-end, engaging marketing concepts, and then develop those concepts into visuals and content delivered through online webpages, digital media, presentations, sales collateral, white papers, and other sales enablement resources.
  • Work with Product Development to design and build out our new Marketplace.

This role is an integral part of the entire LaunchIT team, where you will:

  • Sit at the intersection of product development, marketing, sales, and operations to research, analyze, and interpret market trends and competitive intelligence.
  • Collaborate with the Development and Customer Success Teams to apply relevant findings to LaunchIT’s features and user experience.
  • Analyze and incorporate customer responses and user feedback.
  • Collaborate with our Chief Technology Officer to fuel product and service innovation and create and execute go-to-market strategies for future SaaS solutions developed by NXT1.

Plus, as any amazing Marketing Director, you will:

  • Identify, design/develop, and lead marketing efforts with support from our in-house Marketing Manager, Operations Team, and supporting contractors.
  • Envision, develop, and implement an effective marketing playbook, content, and fractional marketing services that augment LaunchIT’s customer’s SaaS marketing efforts.
  • Develop and implement GMT strategies for NXT1-developed SaaS solutions that results in revenue generation across appropriate markets.
  • Develop, design, analyze, and help execute revenue generating go-to-market roadmaps for NXT1 that aligns with our sales and marketing objectives.
  • Collaborate, develop, write, review, manage, maintain, contribute, oversee the content necessary to market NXT1 and LaunchIT, our partners and their solutions; enable the channel; educate customers on how to use products; train sales, the channel, and support team; and support our existing, and ever expanding, partner ecosystem. Content ranges from digital media, videos, white papers, user manuals, training materials, blogs, sales collateral, bid responses, presentations, and social media posts.
  • Identify strategic industry tradeshow, event, and speaking opportunities; and support the Marketing Manager’s communication and collaboration with NXT1 staff and partner teams as well as their planning, execution, and analysis of event participation.
  • Manage media interest in, and ensure regular contact with, target industry media and coordinate appropriate response to media requests.

You’ve got…

  • Demonstrable success leading the marketing efforts that launched at least 2 subscription-based cloud technology products (SaaS or PaaS).
  • In-house experience (in leadership or support role) at 1-2 technology startups where you developed and led their B2B and B2G marketing growth initiatives.
  • The creative vision and talent to design campaigns that ensure we stand out from the crowd.
  • A portfolio of well-written marketing content, including collateral, online web content, blog posts, and press releases.
  • The ability to identify customer business needs, and to determine and uniquely position our solutions.

You are…

Passionate about launching the next wave of game changing software to the world.

  • You recognize that the way the world works and buys technology and software is changing, and you want to get there first.
  • You see the headlines; you know what the bad guys are capable of; and you believe offense is better than defense.
  • You are conversant in cybersecurity issues and know why NIST and FedRAMP are critical.
  • You are excited by the possibilities that come with each new technology innovation.

Fearless about building something great from the ground up.

  • You prefer working fast and aren’t afraid of shifting priorities.
  • You shine when the unknown occurs.
  • You are a creative and fun visionary that doesn’t think outside the box…. because for you, there is no box.
  • You laugh (quietly to yourself) at those poor schlubs stuck following outdated traditional approaches because that’s the way they’ve always done it.

Committed to being Fellow Traveler

  • You roll up your sleeves, fix problems, and do whatever it takes to achieve success.
  • You like to collaborate with others on your tasks and theirs.
  • We need customers, and you know how to get them.
  • You like working on your own in a remote work environment.

We are specifically looking for someone to grow into a CMO position. While our headquarters are in Bel Air, Maryland, we are remote-first, 100% cloud-based organization.

Why Join Us?

You want to help accelerate the next wave of game changing technologies to the world.

We are a transformative organization offering the fastest & most cost-effective path for software vendors to launch their SaaS at the highest levels of security with the most flexibility for the future.

  • NXT1 is a direct result of our founder’s experience working with independent software vendors in the enterprise space. As enterprise customers, even Government customers shifted rapidly towards SaaS; we felt the impact firsthand of our software partner’s challenges with enterprise security, compliance, multi-tenancy, and cloud deployment.
  • NXT1 is changing the game for the past, present, and future of software. We meet software vendors where they are, regardless of business maturity. Our approach enables them to deploy compliant, innovative SaaS technology to their subscribers in months, not years.

NXT1 needs customers, and you know how to get them.

We’ve Got…

Our compensation program was designed to reflect our commitment to each other and to show our appreciation for those who choose to join our ranks.

  • Fair pay that is geographically neutral, which means pay is not based on a location.
  • Full benefits as soon as the paperwork clears, which usually takes a few weeks to process.


  • All full-time employees are compensated based on a 40-hour workweek.
  • The competitive salary range for this position depends on experience level.
  • Paychecks are issued twice a month.
  • Monthly allowance to cover home office internet, phone, paper, and other miscellaneous supplies.


  • 100% company-funded Medical, Dental & Vision premium (CareFirst). In other words, no monthly premium comes out of your paycheck.
  • HSA


  • 401k matching funds 100% up to 3%, 50% up to 5%.
  • Financial Advisor services with Charles Schwab Broker

Unlimited Paid Time Off

  • As such there is no such thing as Sick Days or Vacation Days
  • When you’re sick, rest.
  • When you need a longer break, take a vacation.



  • We provide the necessary office equipment (e.g., printer, laptop, monitor) you need to do your job.
  • We allow PCs and Macs and are a 100% cloud-based, including VoIP, with Microsoft 365.

What’s it like here?

At NXT1, cultural fit is extremely important. We aren’t for everyone.

  • We have an unconventional corporate culture on purpose.
  • We want you to feel comfortable being yourself and bringing your unique talents and ideas to make a direct impact.
  • We question why, what, and how we are doing everything. If it doesn’t make sense, we shift gears or stop.
  • We are a group of curious and talented individuals working hard to make a difference, not only in our careers and in the company, but in the world.
  • We are all adults here and we treat each other with respect.
  • Everyone in our company has the responsibility to speak up and the authority to make decisions, which is the best way to solve problems.
  • No one needs to check in or get permission to leave their desk.
  • We do not have Performance Reviews. We do not wait for a scheduled date down the road for formal recognition or constructive feedback, which for us is a two-way street.

We have an Autonomous Work Culture

  • Life is fluid, workloads vary, and we are all adults here.
  • No, seriously, we mean it.
  • We do not have set business hours. We have customers and partners from Australia to Switzerland. We do not look for green dots in Teams to trust that you are doing your job.
  • If you need to get dog food or take your child to the doctor, do it.
  • Have an outlet for when you need to clear your head or think through a challenge. Our current employees take their dogs on long walks, take nature hikes, and run errands.

The responsibilities and duties of this position described here are representative of those an employee must perform. This is not a comprehensive list and other duties may be assigned.

It is NXT1’s practice not to discriminate against any employee or applicant because of sex, race, color, age, national origin, religion, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation or sexual preference, pregnancy or maternity, genetic information, marital status, disability, veteran status, or any other basis protected by applicable federal, state or local law. This practice applies to all terms and conditions of employment including, but not limited to, hiring, training, compensation, benefits, promotions, transfers, layoff, Company-sponsored education, social and recreational programs, and treatment on the job. If you have a disability or handicap and would like us to accommodate you in any reasonable way, please inform the NXT1 recruiter so that we can discuss appropriate alternatives available.

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