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Job Description

$315 per ~1500-word article

At, we're always looking for developers who want to write, but sometimes we're looking for specific knowledge! If you're a developer interested in adding some writing credits to your CV (and getting paid for it) and if you have any of the following experience, we'd love to hear from you:

  • Building mobile apps in iOS and Android
  • Mobile product management
  • Golang for OS development or machine learning
  • Augmented reality development


Β Expectations:

  • Delivery of ~1500-word article according to your availability
  • Consistent 3-5 day turnarounds on edits (usually 1-2 rounds per article)
  • Prompt communication via email


  • Flexible hours, location, and completely asynchronous work
  • Competitive pay rate: $315 per blog post with opportunity for increased rates
  • Regular feedback from our editor and subject matter experts
  • Build name recognition: all content is credited to you personally

Instructions to Apply