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Job Description

I am currently managing a large scale project in partnership with a software development company who is looking to conduct specific research into the Managed Services Provider sector (A managed service provider (MSP) is a third-party company that remotely manages a customer's information technology (IT) infrastructure and end-user systems). The second objective of this project is to test their software further and create marketing data.

I am looking to work with Website Management experts (Webmasters!) with a good grasp of DevOps, Wordpress and comfortable making design/copywriting improvements. You will be responsible for website deployment, migration, administration and maintenance.

You will need to migrate/build/improve a website for a “website development and related services business” or any business that falls into the MSP sector.

The project is split in two parts. The 1st part is urgent and requires active work in order to be delivered in 2 days. The 2nd part of the project is long-term, 6+ months.

We will need to sign an agreement (non-disclosure and regulation of partnership with the software company); therefore this project is only for independent contractors officially registered as a self employed entrepreneur or small enterprise and can provide their company information. If you work as a freelancer/sole trader you will need to provide your tax number or personal ID number in order to create all relevant legal documents.

You will act as the website owner and market your services or services of a similar nature. 

What you need to do:

  • Transfer ownership of a domain name allocated to you. You will need to have a GoDaddy account number.
  • Rent a separate virtual server in any virtual hosting or in the cloud (AWS, DigitalOcean, Vultr etc.) You can use your own hosting if you prefer, we will compensate up to $20 per month for hosting.
  • Deploy (from archive or repository) or migrate the site from another hosting. But a live site is needed for control regardless. For speed, we have already created the website (cloned or super basic)
  • Make sure the CMS is working correctly. Most websites are built on WordPress.
  • The new domain being the brand, you will need to make appropriate changes to the website: create a new logo, replace content and images to avoid any infringement and ensure there are no dead links.
  • Sign the MSP agreement with the software company directly, configure the software on the website and as a bonus you will get a right to use this software in your own projects. If you are interested, this could be a source of additional income, but this is optional.

The second part of the project will be around maintaining the website for 6+ months to a year.

In terms of time commitment we estimate the 1st part to be a maximum of 20hrs of work and the second part 1 - 2 hrs per month.

All costs incurred for hosting, any plugins used and/or domain related expenses will be compensated on completion of the project. We cannot process any payments before the delivery of stage 1 due to time restraints and you will have to be willing to cover the hosting cost before being compensated for it. Please note, both hosting and domain must reflect you as the owner for the purposes of the project.

Payment for the 1st part will be on completion and for the 2nd part payments will be quarterly to include hosting and any other maintenance costs.

If you are willing to take on this challenge please do get in touch and let me know if you are comfortable delivering the 1st part of the project by Wednesday the 20th of September latest. Please still apply if you can deliver by a slightly later deadline so we consider you for the next round.

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